Thursday, May 25, 2006

Do-it-Yourself Animation Desk

So I'm back in Vegas with nothing proper to draw on. Whats a guy to do? Commission (read: FORCE) his wordworker dad to build him an animation desk! Thankfully he agreed! It actually saved me a bundle, and is a huge step up from my portable one I bought a few years ago for about $300! This one can be angled at different degrees thanks to the little notches in the folding legs. The lighting setup we used uses 2 flourecent bulbs and bruther, IS IT BRIGHT! The most expensive part on it was probabaly center disc itself. $45 worth of translucent white plexiglass bought from a sign shop (its not available at hardware stores, in case anyone was wondering). And I still plan on buying a fancy pants ACME drawing disc once classes start back up, but this will do the trick for the summer for sure. I'm so happy to use this now!