Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, there's the film. All shiny, finished. I have so many people to thank. First of all, the constant professional and EXTREMELY talented voice of Allen Stewart Coates.

I have now had the honor of using his voice in two films (The Celestial Ox from 3rd year), and I can honestly say that neither film would amount to much without a stern, booming yet also gentle and charming narrator behind them. Its gonna be hard to come up with stories WITHOUT imagining his voice reading them, but I'm gonna try!

Next is my other amazing get, Dan Rodrigues. This guy not only composed an authentic-sounding score, but also came up with the fantastic Mandrake scream sound you hear throughout the film (it was sampled from his little cousin screaming her head off in the mic.)

He mixed all the sound elements together so the film sounded proffessional, and less student-film-y. Once I got these two guy's contributions to the film, which happened probably within the first month of production, it raised the bar quite high. This made me want to make the best visuals I could to match the audio bliss the audience was gonna be given!

Which brings me to my crew of assistant artists! Amir Avni, with his steady hand and incredible linework was a BIG help getting my rough animation cleaned up. Then there's the SLAVES whom I gave files to color and wouldn't let them leave until they were finished and PERFECT! They deserve a big round of applause for putting up with me. Jen Bamford, Nicole Breedyk, and Andrew Glisinsky: I'm sorry about the shackles and leg irons. You guys all did a yoeman's job! THANK YOU!!
Here's what all the animation from my film looks like. Its even more dramatic when I put a few books under it and shoot it from a low angle!

Goodbye Sheridan! I learned a lot from you. Made some great friends, had some good laughs. I think I gotta go find a job now.