Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I'm updating the blog! And only 7 months since the last update! Expect to see the next post sometime in June 2009 at this rate.

I'm working on my 4th year film. Its about the legend of the mandrake root. That's the one that screams when you pull it from the ground, and the scream kills ya. But you really want one cuz its like, magic and stuff. According to legend, there was one special way to acquire one without getting killed. You have a DOG get killed instead! Look!

The guy in this photo is going "EXIT! Stage RIGHT, even!" Hahaha. But seriously he is. He's making the poor dog do all the work pulling out the root cuz he tricked it with some food. Neat huh? PATHOS! Someone should make a cartoon about this!


Here are some heads


WIL BRANCA said...

Hey Brock!

Great idea, you go gir... uhm, DUDE!

Hodges said...

cant wait to see how awesome this will obviously be. nice expressions man

Frank Macchia said...

a) im excited you updated your blog...and b) im excited to see this film

i loved the leica reel man...cant wait to see the finished product

Garrett Hanna said...

My favourite expression is the one where he's grinning to reveal his big medieval peasant teeth.

Also in your inspiration illustration there the mandrake root is HUGE! It's so small in your film!

Tapan Gandhi said...

i love those expressions, brock!!

my fav is the one where he's going "GASP!" and looking terrified

Andrea Fernandez said...

Ofcourse you'll finish it!! And it's gonna kick ass!

Amanda said...

Hah! Wicked, it reminds me of this kids book I had when I was little about an old lady who's trying to pull out a radish, and people start piling behind her and pulling because it doesn't come out.
Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

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